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Friday, September 16, 2016

FOR SALE: Final GPK Art, Exclusive Prints, Posters & Sketch Cards!

My Original GPK Art, Exclusive Prints, Posters and Sketch Cards are FOR SALE at my webstore: http://layrondejarnette.storenvy.com

Feel free to share the flyer!

My Exclusive Limited Edition Giclee Prints and Artist Promo Trading Cards are FOR SALE! Please feel free to share the flyer!
Webstore Link: http://layrondejarnette.storenvy.com/collections/448399-giclee-prints-limited-editions

More Limited Edition Giclée Prints FOR SALE!  The Retched RONALD and TREVOR Trapjaw are SOLD OUT! http://layrondejarnette.storenvy.com/collections/448399-giclee-prints-limited-editions

Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!

My Limited Edition Giclée Prints are marked down this week and FOR SALE here: layrondejarnette.storenvy.com/collections/448399-giclee-prints-limited-editions

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