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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inception Premiere & Live Performance with Hans Zimmer & Johnny Marr

Love this movie and the soundtrack! Truly a great musical score.

Hans Zimmer is becoming one of my favorite composers and Chris Nolan my favorite film director.
The track is "Time" from the Inception soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer (piano) and Johnny Marr (guitar).

Other musicians:

Drums: Satnam Ramgotra
Electric cello: Tina Guo
Violin 1: Ann Marie Calhoun
Violin 2: Lili Haydn
The guy working with samples: Mel Wesson
Keyboard: Lorne Balfe
Vocals: Tera Hendrickson
and a 20-piece brass section in the background

It's cool to see and hear Tina Guo on the cello. She performs an amazing solo on Bear McCeary and the BSG Orchesta's "Apocalypse" from Battlestar Galactica's dvd movie "The Plan"

1 comment:

Humza Khan said...

great stuff, loved the hans zimmer performance. Nolan is phenomenal director. I kinda wanna get the oundtrack now, lol