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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Did I Do That?" (Flashback TV)

That nasally voice, the crazy laugh, huge glasses, colorful suspenders and pants that flooded way more than New Orleans... This is a 'very old' caricature of Steve Urkel. Painted in dyes and colored pencil.

Question? Did he get on your nerves or were you a fan of Urkel?


bog_art said...

You are really a master!!.. thanks a lot for sharing your art!!..

Unknown said...

hahhah theres just not enough urkel goin around! hahah awesome post

libra bear said...

Great drawing man. We didn't get urkel in london, I saw him in a few episodes of fresh prince but that was it, keep up the great work.

DeJarnette Designs said...

Thanks for the comments.