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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Hollywood Zombies Illustrations

Here are more painting I did for Topps' Hollywood Zombies trading card series. On the Beyonce zombie, Jay-Z was originally in the crowd. His likeness is changed (by Topps) on the final print. (It was probably a legal issue.) All illustrations are painted in acrylics.

Here's the photoshop change of Jay-Z in the final print. (Some people can still see a little Jay-Z hiding underneath all that facial hair.)


Brandon O'Keefe said...

Maybe friday to beat the actual weekend crowd, i'll have to see about work. Are you planning on attending?

It looks like you had alot of fun with this project. Every one of those caricatures are dead on, some of them are missing eyes and its still so easy to read who the celebs are. I still think Jay Z is easy to read in this version. I love all the subtle ques in each painting. Im torn on my fav, Im leaning towards meet the fockers and Snoop, so funny!

SEILER said...

These look great man! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm working on an acrylic sample right now to show the guys at topps . . . I look forward to doing a couple pieces for the next series, would be fun!
Take care.

DeJarnette Designs said...

Thanks guys!!

Brandon O'Keefe said...

hopefully i should see you there! do you have a booth?

SEILER said...

I did another one if you're interested I posted it on my blog . . . Drooliani! Your stuff rocks man!